www.Jamb.org.ng JAMB Result 2014 Checker Portal

www.Jamb.org.ng JAMB Result 2014 Checker Portal

www.Jamb.org.ng How To Check the JAMB Result 2014

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Jamb ‘JAMB’ has formally released results of the 2014 Jamb Exam which was held on the 12th of April, 2014 in 3,168 centers around the country.The results have been uploaded online by the body and can freely be accessed by candidates on the jamb result checking website without the use of any Scratch card.

How To Check www.Jamb.org.ng JAMB Result 2014:

Simply follow these easy steps for Jamb exam result checking portal to check the 2014 Jamb result;

1) First go to the Jamb result checking portal


2) Then type in your Examination Number in the required field provided

3) Now hit the “Check Result” button to check your result.

Best Of Luck To All The JAMBites!

www.Jamb.org.ng How To Check the JAMB Result 2014

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Jamb ‘JAMB’ Cut off mark for the majority of the polytechnics in Nigeria is usually 160

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination ‘UTME’ 2014 put together by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) may become the most controversial ever in history.

This is because going by the result released by the body last week, it was discovered that over a total of 800,000 candidates had scores less than 200 unlike previous years. Besides that, there are those who are yet to see their result because of the issue of biometric verification. Also Internet Fraudsters grew in their numbers this year, and they defrauded desperate JAMBites.

These internet fraudsters succeeded in using different strategies to defraud unsuspecting candidates.

• Some of the fraudsters sent bulk sms to the Jambites using Sender names bearing acronyms like: “JAMB” and “JAMB PORTAL”, and instructing the candidates to pay in particular amount of money into accounts for them to have their results upgraded for them.

• Some others went on to create posts on numerous Online Forums to describe false processes to the candidates on how to hack into the JAMB’s database and make changes to favour their results. These so-called write-ups were packed with terminologies to get the candidates confused, so that they can have the Jambites calling them back for assistance through phone numbers they leave behind.

• Another set of fraudsters used different employed allies that went to several websites to make comments and testifying that they have been assisted by a particular Jamb official whom they then go on to recommend to other Jambites to call for assistance too.

Tricks employed this year were too numerous and all cannot be mentioned.

Now a word of advice to all JAMBites;



www.Jamb.org.ng How To Check the JAMB Result 2014

1.What is www.Jamb.org.ng Computer Based Test (CBT)?

Computer based test (CBT) is the an examination that is administered using a computer. This system of examination is very flexible for those with basic computer knowledge because the test can be taken at different times and in the different locations. The test is organized in such a way that each subject to be taken has its specific time limit. Example, if 45mins is allocated to the subject English, exactly after 45mins the question and answer sheet or page disappears, and the next subject appears on your screen

2. Why www.Jamb.org.ng 2014 computer based test (CBT)?

CBT method creates room for more correct, specific and reasonable assessment of the candidate.

3. What are the benefits of computer based test (CBT)?

– This system is very quick because it brings feedback immediately.

– This system carries out automated analysis of results.

– This system is fair and much more secure.

– This system meets the standard of global best practice.

4. What is www.Jamb.org.ng e-UTME?

e-UTME is simply an electronic type of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that uses a Computer to display test items and give answers.

5. What are test centres?

Test centres means examination locations, and they are located across the country where the computer based tests (CBT) are being administered. These centres have been equipped with the modern infrastructure to ensure the smooth conduct of CBT.

6. Where are the test centres located?

CBT centres can be located in all the 36 states of the country, FCT inclusive.

7. Are these centres well equipped for CBT?

CBT centres are very equipped for the test irrespective of location.

8. What does the test centre look like?

Test centres consist of a room equipped with computers that are connected to the internet or local Area Network.

9. Are the test centres conducive for CBT?

The e-UTME accredited professional test centres are very conducive for the administration of the test, because they are certified and equipped to international standards to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment for e-testing. The necessary equipments are provided, as well as technical support staff to offer assistance to candidates during the examination if need be.

10. How many candidates are attached to a computer?

Each candidate is entitled to a computer during the test.

11. Are international testing centres available?

There are e-testing centres located in six countries, which includes: the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroun and Republic of Benin.

12. Is the time duration of the computer based testing same as paper pencil examination?

The Computer Based Test has the same time duration as the paper pencil examination. The details of the test length are however included in the test instruction for the examination.

13. Will all the candidates write the examination at the same time?

Candidates for the Computer Based Test will take the examination based on scheduled/appointed time in sets.

14. Will the candidate schedule an appointment with a test centre to take a computer based test?

Each candidates schedule would be given at the point of e-registration for the test.

15. When should a candidate schedule his/her testing appointment?

Candidates should schedule their appointments in ahead of the test as permitted by the board. Testing appointments are scheduled on the basis of first come, first get served. So, to be able to get an appointment at a testing centre of your choice, schedule your appointment as early as you can.

16. How can a candidate schedule a testing appointment?

Candidates should make testing appointment through the internet when registering for the examination.

17. Will candidates receive any confirming e-mail about the testing appointment?

Candidates would receive an e-mail from JAMB www.jamb.org.ng specifying the date, time and location of your examination.

18. Should the candidate go along with the confirmation printout to the examination centre?

Candidates should go to examination venues with original confirmation printout.

19. How does a candidate type in answers on a computer based test?

Answers to questions can be entered into the computer in two different ways. You can key in your answers by clicking on the option you believe is correct or by tying in the letter of the option you selected.

20. Can candidates crosscheck answers or skip questions and go back to answer them later during the computer based test?

Candidates can crosscheck and even change answers if desired in the computer during the examination before the final submission.

21. How can a candidate know how much time is left for the examination?

The time will be clearly displayed on the computer screen for the candidate during the examination.

We have published the step by step guide on how you can Obtain your Jamb Original Result Slip yourself, ( if you have missed that, you can read it HERE )

The steps are roughly the same as that of Obtaining your JAMB Original Admission Letter.

It is obligatory that all candidates who gained admission into any of the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions should go and get their verified admission letter from Jamb. The Original Admission Letter contains the following details:




*Faculty and the Name of the candidate.

All potential Students who intend obtaining their Admission Letter, are required to glance through the requirements of their choice Institutions, determine if they would need to obtain the admission certificate personally,(example: Ambrose Alli University, AAU ) or If the candidate should expect to receive the admission letter from their own Institution, (example: Ebonyi State University gives her Students the JAMB Admission Letter).

Now after confirming your position, you should go on to get your Original Jamb Admission Letter or wait to obtain from your Institution.

For those who are to obtain their JAMB original Admission Letter from JAMB office, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1. Go to any Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) office close to you. If you do not have an idea of where nearest JAMB office is located in your state, go through the list of JAMB offices and addresses in Nigeria on the official JAMB (website at www.jamb.org.ng).

Step 2. After locating the JAMB office in your area, go on to buy the JAMB ADMISSION LETTER SCRATCH CARD, which costs 1,000 naira only there at the office.

Step 3. After purchasing the JAMB admission scratch card, go to any Cybercafè in your area.

Step 4. Then log into the JAMB official website (www.jamb.org.ng).

Step 5. After the website has loaded, just click on the “PRINT ADMISSION LETTER” button located beneath the specified Year that concerns you.

Step 6. Once that is done, enter your Admission Scratch Card Details and your Jamb Reg. Number.

Step 7. Now Print out the displayed Admission Letter in “COLOURED FORMAT” from the computer, and that is all.

Please make sure that you save a copy to your email address, so you can retrieve a copy anytime the need arises.

www.Jamb.org.ng JAMB Result 2014 Checker Portal